Women’s Gym – The New Women’s Gym

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When it comes to fitness, women often want to do more than just get in shape – they’re also looking for community and camaraderie. That’s why women-only gyms are gaining popularity as a way to make women feel comfortable and supported in the gym.

What is the best workout routine for women?

The rise of women gym in the past year has sparked attention online with a hashtag #WomenOnlyGyms garnering 18 million views on TikTok alone, and more people than ever are searching for these specialized workout destinations in Google searches.

It’s an interesting trend that shows a growing willingness to break free from the long history of pitching fitness as a pursuit of skinniness. Boutique-style female focused gyms, even some specializing in classes less typically associated with women like strength training, are popping up all over the country.

What’s more, many of these boutique-style gyms are catering to members who are battling body image issues or are seeking an inclusive environment in which to workout. That’s a positive sign for the industry as a whole, as more gyms are making it a priority to cater to the needs of women and help them develop a relationship with their bodies.

As an added bonus, these gyms tend to have more options in terms of equipment and classes that are tailored for women. They usually have a lower level of competition for cardio machines and can provide women with classes that focus on thigh toning or core work.

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