What Does an Administration Attorney Do?

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Whether they work in the area of insurance, employment or government, an administration attorney helps people and businesses deal with state or federal agencies. These lawyers assist when an agency denies an application or benefits, or imposes penalties for violating regulations.

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Administration attorney law is the body of legal rules and regulations that oversees the complex intersection of social, economic and political spheres. These laws are not the same as those passed by Congress or a legislature, but they may carry similar consequences. These laws can have a significant impact on our lives and businesses, and can also be a challenge to comply with.

Rules are set by government agencies for many reasons, such as to establish procedures and formal policies. While some of these rules may be drafted by non-lawyers, most require the input and attention to detail of an administrative law attorney. These attorneys help ensure that new rules are constitutionally sound, and address any legal or due process concerns that the agency might not have considered.

When a person or business disagrees with an agency rule, they often seek to challenge it in a formal court proceeding. An administrative law attorney will draft the necessary legal pleadings, present evidence and make arguments to the judge on their client’s behalf. In some cases, a lawyer will be able to convince the courts that an agency acted outside of its legislative authority in making a rule. In other cases, a lawyer will be able prove that the regulation is unconstitutional or violates the rights of the client.

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