The Benefits of Casters

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Casters are a great way to make a cart, rack, truck or piece of equipment move around. They help employees transport equipment from one place to another and keep equipment positioned in an easy and ergonomic manner.

There are several benefits to using casters in your workplace or facility, but a few of the most common include:

Ergonomics — A major advantage of casters is that they allow your employees to stay consistent with their training and work habits, which directly affects product quality. If your workers are continuously straining and pushing heavy carts needlessly, the quality of their work will suffer.

Casters: The Unsung Heroes of Industrial Mobility

Safety — Some casters are available with toe guards that protect your employees’ feet from injuries. They can also be a great way to prevent sprains and strains from long-term repetitive actions, such as moving heavy carts.

Leveling – Another huge benefit of casters is that they help to reduce vibration in the work environment, which can cause noise and wear on your floors. This can be especially important for factories and other workplaces that are noisy, as well as areas where a lot of work is being done.

Weight capacity — Casters can be manufactured with a wide range of load capacities. This allows you to choose the right caster for your particular application.

Wheel materials — There are certain types of wheels that can be used in specific environments, such as in wet and oily workplaces or when handling chemicals. These materials are generally more durable and have better gripping qualities than standard caster wheels.

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