Shipping Container Hire Vs Buying

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shipping container hire

shipping container hire is often a more affordable option than buying, especially if you only need it for a short period. The cost of hiring is a daily rate, inc GST and includes delivery/collection charges, ongoing maintenance costs (if required) and insurance fees.

Insurance fees are a great way to save you time, and stress when it comes to insurance cover for your rental container. These fees are designed to ensure that any nonsingular damage that happens to your container while on your property is covered, and prevent you having to make arrangements for your home or business owner’s insurance cover if this occurs.

When you’re ready to hire a shipping container, contact your Container Alliance member for pricing and availability. They will have a national depot network and can supply the right size of a shipping container to suit your needs, including more specialist options such as side opening containers, tunnel containers, or 20ft high cube containers.

Shipping Container Modifications: Transforming Containers for Various Uses

One-way leasing is a great way to avoid demurrage and detention fees, which can rapidly add up. Essentially, the leaser brings the container to their own storage yard and returns it when their lease ends. This allows them to circulate the box back into the market for sale and avoids the need for costly repairs and refurbishment.

Leasing rates are influenced by a number of different factors, such as demand and location, current market trends, and global disruptors, so it’s important to understand when it makes sense to buy or lease a container. If you’re only going to need your container for a few years then leasing is probably the better option, as it is more budget & cash-flow friendly and may be tax deductible if categorized as an operating expense.

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