Pond Construction Near Me

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pond construction near me

Pond construction near me are a great way to enhance the landscape of your property, and add a relaxing and natural water feature. There are a few basic requirements that need to be met for a pond to function properly. Failure to meet these requirements will result in low water levels, and problems with weeds and fishing. It is always a good idea to have a professional engineer and contractor give you advice when planning and building your pond. Representatives from your county Soil and Water Conservation District, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Cornell Cooperative Extension office can help you find a qualified consultant.

Pond construction costs depend on the size of the pond and what features are added to it. A larger pond requires more digging, and will often require a large excavator that is expensive to rent. Smaller ponds are easier and quicker to dig, and generally cost less.

Pond Construction Near Me: Building Your Oasis in the Neighborhood

It is essential that the site be prepared prior to starting construction. This includes clearing the area, marking out the pond shape and filter and feature locations on the ground with landscaping spray paint or string. Sloped land typically requires an embankment or dam which must be built before constructing the pond itself.

A spillway structure is essential to prevent the pond from flooding or overflowing during storms. The capacity of the spillway should be sized to pass flood waters and provide an outlet for excess water when necessary. Ponds constructed with a dam should also have a water inlet pipe to allow the pond to be drained when needed.

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