Harbourfront Wealth Management Adds Senior Vice President to Its Advisory Team

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Founded in 2013, harbourfront wealth management is an independent wealth management advisory firm that offers holistic and specialized wealth solutions tailored to individual goals. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company has 28 offices throughout the country. The firm is led by CEO Danny Popescu and employs a team of over 300 people.

Danny believes that the how to stop a foreclosure on your house is lagging behind in demonstrating value and enriching Canadians’ trust in the essential relationship between advisor and investor. He also believes that a growing number of Canadians are seeking greater financial independence. These trends have prompted him to launch a new approach to wealth management that’s built around the client and his advisors.

Harbourfront’s unique business model focuses on diversifying clients’ portfolios by providing a more comprehensive offering of private securities. This helps reduce volatility and increase the potential for client growth. This approach has also helped them to avoid much of the recent market decline.

Effective Strategies for Preventing Foreclosure and Saving Your Home

The company is expanding best in class recruiting processes and corporate development practices to support its rapidly growing advisor team. Recently, the firm has added a Calgary-based senior vice president to its leadership team. In this role, Brian Mennis will drive the firm’s expansion of its best-in-class recruiting programs and mentoring for corporate development personnel.

He will work with other leaders to create a strong culture of learning and collaboration. He is passionate about the importance of having a positive impact on the community and the world through the power of the wealth management industry. He is a sought after speaker and subject matter expert in the areas of finance, business, and leadership.

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