Boric Acid Capsule – An Alternative Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis

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boric acid capsule

Boric acid capsule are an alternative treatment for bacterial vaginosis (BV). They can be used in conjunction with antibiotics to treat a recurrent BV infection.

BV, or candidiasis, is an infection that results in a thick, odorless vaginal discharge. It can cause pain during sex and discomfort in the vagina. It can also lead to itching and swelling.

A boric acid capsule can relieve symptoms of BV and yeast infections. It is an antifungal, and it may help restore the natural pH balance of the vagina.

The Power of Boric Acid Capsules: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding their Benefits

You can buy boric acid capsules over-the-counter without a prescription at most drug stores. They contain 600 milligrams of boric acid, which you insert via a suppository into the vagina daily for up to 14 days.

If you have recurrent BV, you may want to try boric acid suppositories along with an antibiotic called ancobon. This combination has been shown to cure up to 92 percent of women with the condition.

Boric acid is a natural substance found in seawater that helps to balance the pH of the vagina. It can be used after sexual intercourse, the menstruation cycle, or anytime your body’s pH feels off.

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